About Keystone Business Insurance

Keystone Business Protection is part of the UK Protected Group, one of the fastest growing protection outfits in the UK market.

We attribute our rapid growth to our fundamental ruling principles of great quality of service, in-depth product knowledge, and winning the trust of our clients by ensuring that we understand and meet their individual needs, without "milking the cow".  These are the foundations that help us to keep our business relationships strong.

With this in mind, our commercial and business protection offerings are sourced from some of the best providers in the UK, and we have made sure that we have in-depth working knowledge of any solutions that we offer to our clients.

We have tried to move away from the traditional approach of the majority of commercial insurers, in that we are meticulous in our attention to detail to make sure every aspect of your requirements are met. We have come across (and now retain) plenty of clients who have had insufficient or unsuitable cover, despite the fact that they have been paying premiums for years.

Business Protection is an area that we know is hugely overlooked by companies in the UK, often because business owners are unaware of the options available to them, or because they don’t truly understand how it can protect their company against the unexpected.

If you enjoy the service you receive from Keystone Business Protection why not look at using some of the other services available within UK Protected: