Business Protection

How much do you love your business?

It's amazing what some companies are willing to overlook if it's not a legal requirement. Even with insurance... companies insure their premises, trade equipment, liabilities, even their motor vehicle fleets. But the most KEY aspects of their business - their people, are often overlooked.

Consider these two facts side by side...

44% of UK business owners expect their company to fold if they lost a vital person, yet...
only 10% of companies in the UK currently have business protection in place
Most companies are unaware of business protection, and the benefits it can provide, but Keystone are specialists in this arena. We protect our clients against the loss of strategic decision-makers, shareholders, and key people, and we can also provide protection for your company's financial reputation by protecting any loans, and the people that acted as guarantors for your company to banks or other financial institutions.

Our offering:

Depending on your situation and requirements we can build life insurance, critical illness insurance and/or income protection policy packages to benefit your company by ensuring that if the unexpected were to occur, your company will be best placed to ride out the storm.

As part of our commitment to providing the best services for our clients, we also provide Relevant Life Policies, which enable any company to provide a death in service benefit to its employees without the need to set up a Group Life Scheme. For high-earning employees who would like a high level of life cover but do not wish to add to their P11D accumulation, Relevant Life Policies are also a good option.