Key Person Protection

Secure what really matters in your business

Every company has members that are absolutely vital to the success of the business. These key people are usually identified as the ones who either:

  • Hold and maintain valuable business relationships

  • Make strategic decisions that help to drive the business forward

  • Possess specialist, hard to replace expertise, or

  • Are prolific salespeople, generating a large portion of company profit

The loss of a key person from a company in unexpected circumstances will have far-reaching negative effects, which some businesses may not fully recover from without adequate provision. Key Person cover protects the business by taking out insurance policies on their staff so that should the worst happen the business can:

  • Replace lost income from sales

  • Protect against losses resulting from cancellation or delay in any business project the person was involved in

  • Pay for the recruitment or training of replacement staff

  • Protect the income of your key person if they are off work for extended periods, and funding a temporary replacement.

How can we help?

Keystone can assist with identifying key people in your business and assessing what level of cover is required to ensure the profitability of your business. As part of our service we can help you to set up policies in the most tax efficient way. Call us now on 01252 357878 so that we can provide a free tailored quote to ensure your business doesn’t face unnecessary risk.