Liabilities and Indemnities

If you are an employer, your business produces a product of any kind, or you provide a service, then you will need some kind of liability or indemnity insurance.

Our offering:

Public/Products Liability will often come as part of your overall trades package, but sometimes they are required as standalone products. Professional Indemnity is something that may be required by law, and is highly advisable if: you are an intermediary of some kind, you offer advice to clients, or if your expertise will be a deciding factor in the actions of a client; e.g. an IT consultant who advises on IT security could be liable if the choice of security solution proves inadequate and ends up crashing the client’s company infrastructure.

As always, our rates are extremely competitive, and we only work with the best in the industry, so you can be assured that the policy will be underwritten by a reputable syndicate.